Foundry pattern

The manufacture of high-grade patterns from the complete portfolio of professional foundry pattern making is an important pillar of our business. In our workshop, we make patterns and pattern assemblies for a great variety of uses. For example, casting patterns made of sycamore, alder or multiplex wood for hand molding; these patterns are used for small and medium production lots.
Mold plate assemblies made of wear-resistant plastics complete with core boxes suitable for use in molding machines; these products must be highly resistant to wear to provide for a long service life. EPS patterns are made for small production quantities. In addition to classical pattern making skills, we employ modern technology that enables us to work fast and efficiently. We use 3D CAD systems to develop, review and modify electronic drawings and databases which are integrated into our manufacturing processes. CNC milled or turned components not only ideally complement our portfolio, but also guarantee high precision and highly efficient manufacturing processes.